[Zope] url_quoting and getURL

Lambert Muhr lmuhr@web.de
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 00:23:21 +0200

I am cataloging mysql-data with zcatalog following the how-to provided by
zope-member rbicker. this works fine. since I use batch-processing to build
web pages containing e.g. 3 mysql data records per page, the uid's, hence
the url's of the zcatalog's objects are e.g.:


in the search results' page I use the following code to link to the results:

<A HREF="&dtml.-getURL;">link</a>

unfortunately, the link on the web page turns out like:


what is my mistake? I was believing I would have to turn off the automatic
url-quoting using the entity reference '&dtml ....;' by putting the '.'
after '&dtml'. but it seems, this doesn't work with 'getURL'. if so, what
other possibilities do I have to "get" the results' "url"?

thanks for any hint.