[Zope] How do I "compile only" install?

Gary Algier gaa@ulticom.com
Mon, 08 Oct 2001 18:43:17 -0400

How do I "compile only" during installation?

I have no C compile on my web server.  How do I do the compile
step only on another system and what do I need to copy to the
web server.  I don't need (or want) the sources on the web server.

There does not seem to be any sort of division of labor.  I want to be
able to "make" on one system and "make install" on another.
Even better "make binary-dist" on the development system and
then just copy some tar file, etc. to the web server.

Also, in doc/INSTALL.txt it says:
     If you are impatient, the following commands should get you up and
     running with Zope 2 using ZServer and ZODB 3 on Unix:
         python w_pcgi.py
and later:
     If you want to try out Zope in the simplest fashion using ZServer,
     then run the script wo_pcgi:
         python wo_pcgi.py
and later:
     If you want to use PCGI and an existing web server run w_pcgi:
         python w_pcgi.py

It tells me that w_pcgi.py is for a standalone environment,
then later it is contradicted and tells me it is for a CGI environment.

Which is which?

I tried using -h with these and they tell me nothing; they just ignore

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