[Zope] How do I "compile only" install?

kapil thangavelu k_vertigo@yahoo.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 02:51:37 -0700

On Tuesday 09 October 2001 05:48 am, Gary Algier wrote:
> I don't like binary only distributions.  If I have the sources I can
> fix problems.  If I have the sources I can put a copy under local CVS
> so I can keep track of what is installed.  I can make local minimal
> fixes to keep it running without having to make the big jump to
> whatever is available "today", which might break have some
> incompatability.

while i understand the desire to put the sources under cvs, in practice i 
find this to be a rare need with zope. for the most part zope is an app 
server and it just works, i like to put my applications under source control, 
but i find changes to the app server are rarely needed and if they are they 
can often be distributed and installed via a Hotfix approach (howto on 

to an extremely large extent zope protects you from problems with upgrading 
your applications via the zodb, when objects are loaded that have new 
functionality defined in their classes they pick up the new changes. 
upgrading a zope install is often as simple as transferring the zodb file 
(assuming file storage) to a new installation.

> Ok, so let us say I use wo_pcgi.py to compile it.  How do I install
> it somewhere else?  Are there any hardcoded paths now compiled into
> anything?

back to the original question.

the only hard coded paths are in the shell scripts start and stop.

so do the compile, tar and transfer and edit the shell scripts.  

> For example:
> I place the distribution in /usr/mysrc/zope on my system with a
> compiler.  I use the "compile and install in place" operations
> in wo_pcgi.py.  I now want to copy it to my web server and place
> it in /export/zope.  What do I need to copy?  What do I need to fixup?

cd /usr/mysrc
tar -czvf zope.tgz zope
scp zope.tgz yoursecurewebserver.com:/export/zope
ssh ysws.com
cd /export/zope
tar -xzvf zope.tgz
cd zope
vi/pico/emacs -nw start stop

or something like that



> kapil thangavelu wrote:
> > whats wrong with a binary tarball from zope.org??
> >
> > fyi, python wo_pcgi.py is compile only, ie zope compiles and installs in
> > its source directory.
> >
> > kapil
> >
> >>How do I "compile only" during installation?
> >>
> >>I have no C compile on my web server.  How do I do the compile
> >>step only on another system and what do I need to copy to the
> >>web server.  I don't need (or want) the sources on the web server.
> >>
> >>There does not seem to be any sort of division of labor.  I want to be
> >>able to "make" on one system and "make install" on another.
> >>Even better "make binary-dist" on the development system and
> >>then just copy some tar file, etc. to the web server.