[Zope] running C/Fortran progz via command line ?

Lee Philip Reilly lreilly@lanl.gov
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 15:25:34 -0600


I wonder if anyone could perhaps answer a question for me regarding Zope
and it's ability to inter(face/act) with external applications - running
on the same (linux) machine. I am developing a web application and one
of it's functions requires it to be able to execute programs (mainly
written in c, but also Fortran) via command lines including all the
required arguments;

    e.g. ./do-something -i1 file1.txt - i2 file2.txt -o results.txt

In some cases the program output would have to be obtained (and returned
to Zope for processing), and in others it would not - some of the
calculations take a few hours - in which case the results would be
mailed directly to the user when complete. I anticipate the flow of
things will be as follows:

1-User will submit some data / upload files via web forms. 
2-Zope will then use this data and then generate a command to execute an
external program running on the same machine. 
3-The user can then be notified if the program executed correctly, and
if applicable, return any data.

Can Zope be of any use here? Is the above possible? Is anyone doing
something similar at the present time? If anyone could provide me with
any information, I would greatly appreciate it.

- Best regards,

Lee Reilly