[Zope] Zope and mime types ???

Loren Stafford lstafford@morphics.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 14:49:00 -0700

> So I see no chance to create a product like DocumentLibrary using
> content/mime types.
> The only way to get the correct 'mapping' is to use the file
> extensions ?!?
> Am I right with that? Please comment.

No. I think 'kosh' in another post in this thread said right:

    "You really need something to analyze the document and tell what kind of
item it is."

Neither browser-reported mime types (which, on Windows, are based on
extensions) nor extensions themselves are reliable. Extensions might be more
reliable in your environment. An occasional inconsistency may or may not be
a serious problem for you and your users. I just wait until someone
complains about not being able to launch the right application to read a
document, then I fix it manually.

If an occasional inconsistency is not tolerable, you might want to write
code for Zope that tries to be more precise. It might compare extension to
mime-type and report inconsistencies.  Or it might examine file content
(good luck!) and set mime-type accordingly. If you do so, please tell us
what you come up with.

-- Loren