[Zope] How do I install Products in Zope on Win2K

Anders Eriksson Anders Eriksson <ame@swipnet.se>
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:32:24 +0200

Hello Gordon,

Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 7:01:47 AM, you wrote:

GH> Next I'm supposed to: 
GH> -Link (or copy/move) the CMF packages into $INSTANCE_HOME/Products. For instance:
GH>         $ cd /var/zope/Products
GH>         $ ln -s /usr/local/zope/CMF-1.1/CMF* .
GH> So, using Windows Explorer, I moved the CMF-1.1 directory to C:\Program Files\Zope\lib\python\Products\ This is where all the products that show up in the Zope Products directory seem to be. 

I  think  that  here  is  your  problem!  You  should move the CFM-1.1
directory to C:\Program Files\Zope\Products\

Then after reboot it will work! (.I hope.)

Best regards,
 Anders                            mailto:ame@swipnet.se