[Zope] zope server crashed!!!

Hamzat kamal hamzatk@dnetsystems.net
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 19:50:20 +0200


I was working on my laptop when I discovered that my battery was completely 
down and before I could plugged in my charger the system was down.

What happened next was that I could not access my zope server again.

Each time I run the start.bat file it display the normal info as if it has 
ran the server but if i try to log on to the server after accepting my 
username and password it will display "the page cannot be displayed"

So when i checked the start.bat this is what it's display

Asynchart. Async-chart. Handler error(self)
File"C:\program file\website\bin\asyncom.py" Line 413, in handler error 
self closed

file "C:\program file\website\zserver\http_server.py"', Line 369, in close 
p.more() b# free up resources held by producer
file "C:\program file\website\zserver\producer.py"', line 108 in more 
getattr(self.logger, self.method)(self.bytes)
  file "C:\program file\website\zserver\medusa\http_server.py line 289 in 
log '- %s [%s) "%s" %d "%s" "%s"\n' %(
file "C:\program file\website\zserver\medusa\logger.py", line 247, in log 
self.logger.log ('%s%s%(ip,message)
file "C:\program file\website\zserver\medusa\logger.py line 77, in log 
file "C:\program file\website\zserver\medusa\logger.py line 53, in write 
file "C:\program file\website\zserver\medusa\logger.py line 65, in maybe-flush
IOErro 91 Bad file descriptor)
file "C:\program file\website>