[Zope] exUserFolder docs?

Gary Algier gaa@ulticom.com
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 15:29:56 -0400

I am trying to use exUserFolder to auth against a passwd style file.

Are there any docs for this?

Perhaps I am missing something here but I can't find any docs on how
to install it or use it. The Zope Book assumes you are creating
Products not installing them. I finally figured out that I needed
to just untar the file into the right directory and restart.

So now I "Add" an exUserFolder, but I don't know how to answer
the questions asked.  I tried a bunch of different combinations
until I got it to create a folder, but now when I try to open the
folder it can't seem to find the file.  If I had put in a full path
name to a file, it tells me it needs to be "simple".  If I just
put in the file name, where am I supposed to put the file?

Is there some general "How to install and use products" kind of docs?
Perhaps it is out there (on www.zope.org?) and I am just missing it.
I have looked at several Products and they all were skimpy on details
so I figure there must just be something generic that I should know.

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