[Zope] Accessrule and site root folder "in the depth" of the zope tree

Gilles Lenfant glenfant@bigfoot.com
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 20:51:30 +0200


As you can see in the nexts script (accessrule), I want all request to
www.site2.com to start from the Zope folder "somewhere/site2" (2nd level of
ZODB tree) but it does not work when it works for site1 (like all others at
first level of ZODB tree).
Is there something I missed (I'm sure I did but what... :)).

Thanks in advance.


servermap = {
  'www.site1.com': 'site1',
  'www.site2.com': 'somewhere/site2'
machine = _.string.lower(_.string.split(context.REQUEST.HTTP_HOST, ':')[0])
if servermap.has_key(machine):