[Zope] ?Calling a Zope method from a Zope product?

Julián Muñoz Domínguez jmunoz@softhome.net
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:00:16 +0000 (GMT)

I try to call a python script from a Zope product developped in python,
from a function which is a thread:


def _checkExpired(self):
   if hasattr(self,'onSessionExpire'):

onSessionExpire() is the python script I want to launch.

The error I have on the console is:

2001-10-12T17:22:45 ERROR(200) ZODB Couldn't load state for
Traceback (innermost last):
  File /home/julian/Zope/lib/python/ZODB/Connection.py, line 519, in
AttributeError: 'None' object has no attribute 'load'

Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/julian/Zope/lib/python2.1/threading.py", line 378, in
  File "/home/julian/Zope/lib/python2.1/threading.py", line 366, in run
    apply(self.__target, self.__args, self.__kwargs)
  File "/home/julian/Zope/lib/python/Products/CookieLess/Session.py",
line 283, in _checkExpired
  File "/home/julian/Zope/lib/python/Products/CookieLess/Session.py",
line 289, in _expireSession
AttributeError: __call__

I am not sure of what is happening, have you an idea ???
(Zope is 2.4.1)


    _ \<_

Saludos de Julián