[Zope] Sort in tree tag

Lars Heber Lars.Heber@t-systems.de
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:56:44 +0200

> write a small script (python),
> get_index
> try:
>     my_index = context.index
> except:
>     my_index = 0
> return my_index

> now with
> <tree .. sort=get_index>

I did it with plain DTML:

<dtml-if "_.hasattr(aq_explicit,'dirIndex')"><dtml-return dirIndex>
<dtml-else><dtml-return "0">

but didn't work. No error, but also no correct sorting. The order of
things is different from that when using no sort= attribute, but I
couldn't figure out what kind of order it is :-(

Even when I just return the id in my dtml method, where you would expect
tree-tag to sort things by id, it doesn't do the sort correctly.

So, anybody an idea what's going on here?

Lars Heber, mailto:Lars.Heber@t-systems.de

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