[ZOPE] newbie question: getting title_or_id from calling document

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:27:42 -0400

>From one Newbie to another...

DTML-methods inherit the properties of the calling container.  In many
cases, this is the folder that is being rendered.  So the index_html that is
called from the folder, takes on the properties, title, id, etc, from that
folder.  This assumes that index_html is a method and not a Doc.
It took me a couple weeks using Zope to realize that the default folder
set-up that includes index_html as a document should seldom be used...
<read...never>  (Actually I suggest that this should be removed from the
ZMI, because it trips up most newbies.  Or at least give the option to
create index_html as a method.)
Most of the Zopistas have told me that DTML-Documents are bad.
In general you will mostly want to use Methods for everything that is an
object or part of a template.
DTML-Documents are good for just content. <read...text.>

And consider the emminent message from anyone saying "USE ZPT instead of
DTML".  ;)


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> Hello!
> I'm trying to create a standard_header that when included in a document
> uses the calling documents namespace. So, if the standard_header was:
> <html>
> <head>
> <title><dtml-var title_or_id></title
> </head>
> ...
> ...
> and the index_html document had as it's first line:
> <dtml-var standard_header>
> How can I make the standard header DTML document write the title/ID of
> index_html or any of the documetns that call/include it?.
> Apologies in advance if I'm being thick.
> Cheers,
> Simon.
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