[Zope] Q: about the system

Adrian Mugnolo adrianm@yahoo-inc.com
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:35:15 -0300 (ART)


I'm considering Zope for some upcoming projects and I have two
architecture questions about the system:

1) Is there a way to code output filters in the Zope model?  If yes,
do they fit in the product model?  Are they limited to Python code?
Where can I get a running example?  By "output filters" I mean a very
last stage code processor.  Let's say I need to run HTML validation,
compression, macro expansion, etc., after all DTML processing and
inheritance has happened.

2) Is Zope limited to dynamic page generation/caching/serving?  What
about having static pregenerated pages instead?  If positive, where can
I find an example?  By "pregenerated" pages I mean "cook once, serve
many times" static pages pushed to a standard httpd.

Thanks *so* much in advance.