[Zope] Is Structured Text Broken in Zope 2.4x ???

Steve Bain gsbain@hotmail.com
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:52:32 -0500

I’m a Zope newbie who is hoping to more-or-less adopt New Religion from the 

Structured Text is a very attractive feature of Zope, but I’ve found some 
major problems with the Structured Text implementation in Zope 2.4x, and I 
suspect that many others must have encountered the same issues.

My current testing is with Zope 2.4.1 on Windows 2000.

I can easily create Structured Text documents (say "stxdoc.stx") in the 
members areas of www.zope.org and cmf.zope.org that html-render as 
documented and expected.

However those same documents render significantly differently on my local 
installation of Zope 2.4.1 when called from a dtml document or dtml method:

<dtml-var stxdoc.stx fmt="structured-text">

Specifically, hierarchical bulleted and numbered lists (i.e. outlines) 
render with ugly spacing and tables don't render at all. A possible patch 
for the spacing problem appears in a comment by datagrok at the bottom of 
this ZWiki page:


Additional info on the lack of table rendering appears in this post:


Additional Zope 2.4.x Structured Text issues are documented by Ivan Kurmanov 
in this post:


and by Simon Brunning in this post:


However, an even much more severe problem lurks in Zope 2.4x. That is that 
the structured-text() method in Products.PythonScripts.standard is badly, 
badly broken. In addition to the problems listed above, this method doesn’t 
html-render links. (i.e. "link name”:http://mydomain.com does *not* cook 
into <a href=”http://mydomain.com”>link name</a> , but rather the input text 
is copied without any cooking at all!)

The method also sometimes performs incorrect double html_quoting. For 
example, structured text that is indented following a paragraph ending in a 
double colon (“::”) , is properly cooked into a <pre></pre> tag in the html 
output. Unfortunately however, the *content* of the tag is html_quoted 
*twice* in the output.

This is quite bad news, because the structured_text method in PythonScripts 
is specifically needed for the convenient use of structured text from Zope 
Page Templates and restricted Python Scripts:

Rendering structured text from a Zope Page Template:

<span tal:define="global pss modules/Products.PythonScripts.standard">
<span tal:replace="structure 

Rendering structured text from a restricted Script (Python):

# Import the standard method "structured_text()"
from Products.PythonScripts.standard import structured_text

# return a cooked page from a structured text source file
print structured_text(getattr(context, "stxdoc.stx"))
return printed

These bugs appear to be a significant barrier to practical use of Zope Page 

Am I missing something?

Is the problem simply that StructuredTextNG was used in Zope 2.4x before it 
was fully debugged?

Should Zope just revert to ClassicStructuredText (which was at least 

Steve Bain

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