[Zope] upgrade 2.3.2 to 2.4.1: import zwiki

John Hunter jdhunter@ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 11:00:53 -0500

I just installed Zope-2.4.1 in a new dir and still have my Zope-2.3.2
in the old dir.  

I exported my Wiki dirs from 2.3.2 and imported them into 2.4.1.  The
data has come through fine.

I am a little bit confused about how to use Zwiki in 2.4.1.  Simon's
log on zwiki.org says that it has been incorporated into the main zope
product, and indeed I see StructuredText/Zwiki.py in the 2.4.1 distro,
but I do not it in the products dir.  Do I need to install the Zwiki
product or is the StructuredText/Zwiki.py file enough?  

When I try and load one of my zwiki pages, I get the error:

  This object is broken because the ZWiki product that created it is
  no longer installed or is installed incorrectly. Please contact the
  product maintainer for assistance.

  Note that the data associated with this product has not been lost,
  and will be accessible again if the product is reinstalled.

Can someone point me to some docs or otherwise provide some advice
about what I should do next? 

John Hunter