[Zope] how to refer to superclass?

Lars Heber Lars.Heber@t-systems.de
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:05:29 +0200

How do I refer to a method of the superclass of a ZClass?
I. e. I have a ZClass NewsArchive which inherits from ZClass News.

In News I have a method proofIfNeedToArchive. In this method I do some
cut/paste things. But of course this has to happen in the right folders
(cut in News, paste in NewsArchive). So, how can I do something like
news.cut... and news.paste...?

The code for the cut / paste thing still works, that's not then problem.
The problem is the reference to the right folders!

BTW: Does a subclass also inherit all properties of the superclass?
I have defined a prop archivordner in the superclass, but not in its
But when I tested for the value within the subclass, I got NULL instead
of the value of the superclass. Again, how do I refer to the value

Thank you for all your patience...

Lars Heber, mailto:Lars.Heber@t-systems.de

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