[Zope] RE: Is Structured Text Broken in Zope 2.4x ???

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 07:22:41 -0400

> <snip>
> >I dont like Wikis very much for documentation for this very reason.  But
> >some inscrutable reason, Those Who Use Wikis For Documentation appear to
> >disagree.  ;-)
> BTW: ZWikis are using the version of structured text (old vs. ng) of
> the Zope they're running under, aren't they?

That's right..

> That paragraph tag insertion always looked weird to me. The tag is
> not only  superfluous but also adds space between lines where it
> shouldn't be and doesn't render correctly on all browsers. I think it
> should be removed.

I think you're right.  :-(  Anyone volunteer to come up with patches?

- C