[Zope] external methods

Arenz, Ralph Ralph.Arenz@friatec.de
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:56:21 +0200


i' am using external methods to do something on the filesystem.So i
make an external method for the entry-function. This works fine,so far.
The module which is containing the function imports
several other modules which i placed in <zope>/lib/python>

My problem is that changes to imported modules takes no effect.
What have i to do to tell Zope that the imported modules has changed ?

A simple buttonclick in the Zope manage screen won't do. 
Equally, compiling the imported method to bytecode takes no effect.

Changes in the function or module which is connected
via "external method" to zope are approved after a buttonclick
on "edit" in zope. 

has someone an idee ?