[Zope] RE: Is Structured Text Broken in Zope 2.4x ???

Andreas Jung Andreas Jung" <andreas@zope.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 15:17:40 -0400

I checked the patch into the trunk. Thanks for submitting.

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> hello,
> > I will begin work on bug reports, patches, and possibly some
> > for StructuredTextNG. Any help and hints will be gratefully accepted.
> please allow me to donate a problem fix and test case in the form of a
> patch against the zope cvs trunk.  I posted this to zope-dev a few days
> ago, but it's not a glitzy patch and with the collector down I'm sure
> everything's a bit crazy right now.
> I'd like to help out with this however I can.  thanks for your enthusiasm.
> Sean