[Zope] Zope Credits

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 13:59:35 -0700

Zope is a very flexible tool, it can do many things. Like andy tool it
depends on what you are using it for and the person using it. It would be
impossible for anyone to give you a much more intelligent answer without
more details.

It might be a lot cheaper to get a reputable Zope consultant to tweak and
fix this thing up for you.

  Andy McKay.

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> I would like to be a Zope success story, but here is the situation(about
which I appeal to you for help/zope hope)I am the owner of a small trucking
brokerage in Annapolis, MD.  We hired a local evening programmer to build an
internet brokerage weblication for us(his word).  After a full year and a
half we are all on line today and it is failing miserably.  We called in a
reputable company from the area and they tell us the problem is the
platform.  Our programmer insists that Zope can support our business and
these are the kinks of a new use.  Who can I speak with that will vehemently
defend Zope for our use since we have already spent all of our money and too
much of our time.  We think maybe there is a key that we are missing.  But,
none of us are programmers, you see, which is why we relied on the
suggestions of someone who is.  We are trucking people, we use keys to start
things.  Thank you for forwarding this to someone who might help.  We are
stuck in the driveway on !
> this one.
> Di Goodman
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