[Zope] Remove Cookies

Garry Steedman gs@styrax.com
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 02:38:46 +0000


http://www.zope.org/Members/michel/ZB/AppendixB.dtml states:

expireCookie(name, **kw)

Cause an HTTP cookie to be removed from the browser

The response will include an HTTP header that will remove the cookie 
corresponding to "name" on the client, if one exists. This is accomplished by 
sending a new cookie with an expiration date that has already passed. Note 
that some clients require a path to be specified - this path must exactly 
match the path given when creating the cookie. The path can be specified as a 
keyword argument.

that about says it all i think...



On 18 Oct 2001, at 0:06, David Kyte wrote:

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Subject:        	[Zope] Remove Cookies
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> Hi,
> How does one remove a cookie?
> Thanks
> Dave
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