R: R: [Zope] How to create a file from a form?

Paolo D'Aubert pdaubert@enter.it
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 12:11:54 +0200

I tryed to use this method but doesn't works... :(

Any other help?

This is the code I'm using..
The page with the form:

 <title>Creazione File di testo da un form</title>
<form action="crea1" name="crea" method="post">
Nome<input name="Nome" type="Text" size="20"><br>
Cognome<input type="Text" name="Cognome" size="20"><br>
Si o No?
<font size="1">Selezionare un radiobutton senza sapere se si o no</font>
<input type="Radio" value="si" name="bello"><input type="Radio" value="no"
Selezionami!<input type="Checkbox" value="sono il meglio!"><br>
<input type="Submit" name="submit" value="Invia">

And the page after the submit:

<dtml-call "manage_addDTMLDocument(Nome,bello)">
<dtml-call expr="Nome.manage_edit(pippo,pluto)">


> I suspect something like:
> <dtml-call expr="other_document.manage_edit(...)">
> Is what you need. If not show me the code you are using.
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