[Zope] Linux Zope <=> MSSQL

Wade Leftwich wade@okaynetwork.com
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 06:17:44 -0400

Thanks Andrew,

I'll check it out. I do have unixODBC talking to MSSQL, via Easysoft's ODBC-ODBC bridge.

Wade Leftwich
Ithaca, NY

10/17/2001 8:27:24 PM, Andrew Kenneth Milton <akm@theinternet.com.au> wrote:

>+-------[ Wade Leftwich ]----------------------
>| Is there a Best Way to connect Zope on *nix (BSD or Linux) to MS SQL2000? Or can I get a hint?
>I can give you a hint... d8)
>I have a version of zodbcda altered to work with unixODBC,
>so if you get that setup to talk to MSSQL you can use
>my zodbcda to talk to MSSQL from Zope.
>It's simple to make it work with other UNIX ODBC drivers if
[ installation instructions snipped ]

>This is not an official release, and I don't really support it, it's
>just to show that it's not all that hard to make these things work
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