[Zope] How good is Zope?

Greg Conway greg@gmlnt.com
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 12:44:50 +0100

Hi All,

I've just stumbled across Zope looking for a platform I can develop
web-based Db apps under, and having worked through the first couple of
chapters and the tutorial it's all looking pretty rosy so far...

I have previously set up some small web-based Db's using PHP4 and MySQL, but
need something where several developers can work on one project in an
organised fashion, so Zope seems to provide in an easier-to-use fashion. I
notice from the help files that Zope bills itself as an alternative to PHP -
can I integrate PHP into it or do I not need it if we have Python?

I've never programmed in Python, but it seems fairly straightforward and not
too removed from other scripting languges.

My question really, I spose, before I dive in and start writing things, is
how good is Zope? Does it have any obvious limitations? What's the support

I subscribed to this group about 12 hours ago and seem to have a healthy
number of messages, so it looks pretty well supported - is this 'cause Zope
is great, or are you all unfortunate victims that have somehow got locked in
and now can't get out?!!

Anyway, many thanks for any help!


Greg Conway.

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