[Zope] dtml-var question regarding images

Meilicke, Scott scott.meilicke@intp.com
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Zope is different from other web servers, in that you are not dealing with
files, using a '/' to move between directories, but rather objects (in the
programming sense), so you have to use a '.' separator.

However, while programming in zope uses objects, the HTTP side that your
browser uses just sees a standard web server, hence the <img> tag that works
with '/'.  

<dtml-var Images.ZAcmeLogo> 

The dtml-var manipulates the object.  This gets converted to <img
src="webserverroot/Images/ZAcmeLogo" width="X" height="Y"> (or something
like that), and sent to your browser.


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I'm just learning Zope, I apologize
if this is a FAQ. I've created a folder
"ZAcme" from the tutorial and in that
I created an images folder for my personal 
organization, how can I call the logo
image I put in the images folder via a dtml-var
when the folder is below the root ?
<dtml-var Images/ZAcmeLogo> does not seem to work
whereas I can call it via an <img> tag
<img src=Images/ZAcmeLogo> just fine.

this is nothing major, but
any thoughts on this are appreciated


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