[Zope] Issues with frequently changing object properties

Richard Ettema richard.ettema@yoursolutions.co.uk
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:00:06 +0100


Can someone clarify the good and bad with having an object property which
changes often.
i.e. Say a property used as a counter to record votes in a poll, or calls on
an object to be displayed.

I understand the bad part of a frequently changing property is it bloats the
Zope data.fs (I assume this is caused by keeping a record for the Zope undo

Are the only solutions to this issue:
1. 	Automate and pack the database daily (Is there reliability issues with
this with corruptions more likely etc? ) Is this a common solution Zopists
use? If so, what regular interval is the norm for packing?

2. 	Store any regularly changing value such as a counter in an external db
like mysql (Which isn't very practical if you are talking lots of objects
doing the same thing)

Thanks for any info you can provide to clarify what I should be doing.


Richard Ettema