[Zope] Docs for running and managing the web server

gordon.holtslander@sk.lung.ca gordon.holtslander@sk.lung.ca
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 22:03:57 -0600

I'm new to Zope, but I've been looking at it for a couple of weeks of=
f an on
and I'm really impressed with all the varied things people are doing =
it. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience programming (although=
done a fair amount of HTML) and I'm in a purely Windoze environment s=
o a LOT
of what I read on this list is almost completely unintelligible. ;-)

 I'd still like to use Zope to build a site for my church. Initially =
it just
has to show static pages and I think I can do that even though I don'=
t very
much about Zope yet. (The thread about referencing images  was enligh=

I really, really, REALLY don't want to use an IIS web server solution=
since Zope comes with it's own web server I'm going to try and make i=
t run.
I'm hoping that there is a coherent set of documentation for the late=
version of Zope, or at least closer than the 1999 vintage version 2.0=
.1 Zope

Have I just not stumbled over the latest version of the docs or is th=
version still accurate for getting the web server running?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Talk to you soon,
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