[Zope] img src="resized image"

Paul Zwarts paz@oratrix.com
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 10:37:01 +0200

Greetings zopers,

What is the difference between these constructions:

<img src="someImage">
<dtml-var someImage>

The reason being is that I want to use the  <dtml-var
"ImageObject.tag(width=var1, height=var2)"> construction to put custom
sized images into the background attribute of a table. 

Of course it doesn't work, and I can make some guesses as to why, but I
just wanted to know what the fundamental differences between calling an
image object by specifying the url and specifying an image by having
zope render it into the document with a <dtml-var >.

Is there a way that I can access a resized image object from zope in the
src=".../" method? Can I get this from the request or must I create temp
objects from zope somewhere to access?

The reason why I want to do this is to be able to resize a web interface
by a session variable, and I can do it except for those pesky background
images which are important to repeat, but needs to be resized to view

Thanks in advance.
Paul Zwarts