[Zope] One big Zope or many small Zopes? Or perhaps a ZEO?

Bak @ kedai kedai@kedai.com.my
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 20:13:28 +0800

>Thanks Sean (and Kirk).
>So, ya'll are saying we should have ONE zope managed over several servers
>with ZEO (and caching)? Key question is the ONE zope.
>Currently, our huge zope is for the newspaper content, then homes is on
>own install, classifieds another and business directory another and two
>testing zopes on two others. (All on one box with our database pulled from
>another box.)
>Am I understanding that correctly?
>One other quick question. With 75,000 page
> views per day, set up the way we
>are now, (one box/multiple zopes) how many connections should we be
>allowing? I think the default it 4 and we have opened it up to 8. Sound

we're a newspaper house too, and currently running on one zope, with many
zeo clients.   what we're missing now, (what we should have done earlier, if
we'd known :)) is to enable caching on dynamic sections, as suggested by  a
message before this.  putting squid in front, as suggested by sean is also
one of the answer.  caching expensive methods is another.  however, we're
currently on 2.4.x, and RAM cache dont have automated invalidation.  we're
in the midst of trying to pull StandardCacheManager from 2.4.x to 2.3.x and
hope that it doesnt break zope.

so, if youre starting fresh, work with zope2.4.x, use ramcache, and probably
use squid.
with one zope, management should be easier.  if the site crawls, add another
zeo client.  however, getting the logs together may be a challenge:)

increasing the number of threads dont really guarantee faster response.
there's a 7(10?) connection pool limit in the ZODB.  in previous threads,
we've tried increasing the thread number, and bumping up the connection pool
to thread # + 2.


  so if we're using -t 7, we increased the connection pool to 9.

are you front ending with apache?  from our experience, with > 100
simultaneous connections per zeo client, the site will crawl.  we're
experiencing that now, and thus the experiment with ram cache.

*nix flavor recommended.

sorry for the mish mash of information.  it's the weekend :)