[Zope] A new list needed?

Gitte Wange gitte@mmmanager.org" <gitte@mmmanager.org
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 18:28:22 +0200

On 20. oktober 2001 17:28, Andrew Kenneth Milton 
[SMTP:akm@theinternet.com.au] wrote:
> +-------[ Peter Bengtsson ]----------------------
> | For everybody who isn't aware of it, there's is a
> | forum for Zope.
> |
> | www.zope-forum.org
> If I wanted a forum, I'd have built one, and the forum product to drive
> it.
> I am not addicted to my web browser, I like email, I want to email
> questions,
> and get responses emailed to me. Is that so hard to understand?
> What I don't want to get is "I don't understand what you're talking
> about,
> but, it sounds really cool, can you explain it to me in great depth, so 
> can ask you even more questions about something I probably won't ever
> need
> to use?" I currently get 3 or 4 of those types of responses to anything
> vaguely
> technical I post to this list.
> Might I also add that if the list were setup I think it would be better
> closed,
> to cut-down on the noise we already get from spam.

Have any of you ever concidered to setup a news server ?
I think it is much easier to find the answers belonging to your questions, 
and it's easier to see if an answer to your question already exists ...

Just my $0.02 ..

Gitte Wange