[Zope] A new list needed?

Michael R. Bernstein webmaven@lvcm.com
20 Oct 2001 09:39:29 -0700

On Sat, 2001-10-20 at 08:27, Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:
> +-------[ Peter Bengtsson ]----------------------
> | For everybody who isn't aware of it, there's is a
> | forum for Zope. 
> | 
> | www.zope-forum.org
> If I wanted a forum, I'd have built one, and the forum product to drive it.
> I am not addicted to my web browser, I like email, I want to email questions,
> and get responses emailed to me. Is that so hard to understand?

Personally, I'd prefer newsgroups to mailing lists. A news.zope.org NNTP
server along with a heirarchy of groups would do wonders, IMO.

It would also help better deal with the volume that curently surges
through here.

Michael Bernstein.