[Zope] Salespitches for zope

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 05:51:33 +0300

How many of you have had to do sales pitches for Zope as a platform to
client or clients who have been reading magazines and understand that
Microsoft .Net, Lotus Notes, Java XXXX or Macromedia Coldfusion are
terms that they should be hearing, since journalist have been writing
about those products?

I had a terrible flue last week, but still had to do a pitch and come up
with atleast a couple of points in my presentation. Hope these can help
you, and hope you can give me some more. Pitching for zope is not a
problem in my own company and some of the clients, who just want to get
the job done.  But from time to time client also wants to participate
into the technology selected.

Basic points - also from zope book:

- Scalability
- Open standards
- Security
- Management ( www ) 
- Programming ( dtml, Python, perl )

Other points
- tested in real life ( examples needed with good figures - users,
years, load )
- un-sexy ( not hyped, no need to hype - it just works )
- open source
	- licencing fees
	- no lock in
	- support
		- active community
		- books starting to be available
- from developers point of view
	- easy to work with after understands what is it all about
	- objects are nice - nice - nice

How have you made your client to see what you see in Zope?