[Zope] MSWord Document Question

Sumiya Sakoda sakoda@toyoake.or.jp
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 08:58:27 +0900

;; Casey = Casey Duncan <c.duncan@nlada.org> said

Hello Casey,

> I am using MSWord Document Product.
> I don't konw it is possibue or not, but I'd like to insert it between
> standard_html_header and standard_html_footer like this.

Casey> In order to do that, you'd need to convert the Word document to HTML. Luckily 
Casey> I created a product that does this for you (although the results are not 
Casey> always perfect):

Casey> http://www.zope.org/Members/Kaivo/MSWordMunger

That's a GREAT Product!
It is the one I really want.
But I have still a problem, it is about charactor code.
All of our document is written in Japanese.
I will try solve this problem.

Thanks anyway.
                                  Sumiya Sakoda <sakoda@toyoake.or.jp>