[Zope] LocalFS, HTML-Files and their Links

Christoph Folberth folberth@decodon.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 16:23:54 +0200

Hello alltogether!

Again i can offer the zope community an (hopefully) interesting problem:

I have a normal Folder called "MAnual" in the zope root Follder, inside
is a LocalFS-Folder which
points to a directory ~/html/html/.
As anyone can imagine the ~html/html/ Folder is full of HTML-Files,
which are linked to severel pics
in the folders (on my HD) ~/html/icons/, ~/html/images/ and

Everything seemed to be just fine, but THEN i realized, that zope
does'nt seem to find/show SOME pics in
the ~/html/screenshots/ directory. Strange enough it seems to find SOME
OTHER Pics from the same folder.
(of course, i checked that those pics are really there - they are!).

It seemed to me, that the pics which zope does'nt show are quite large
pics (> 100kb).

Here comes the Lines of the Page Source:

This is the Line of a pic, Zope doesn't show:
<img src="../images/screenshots/screenshot_Delta2D_Dual_Channel.png"

This is the Line of a pic, Zope shows:
<img src="../images/screenshots/Layer_Panel_Colors.png"

Both Files definitly DO exist, the only difference is, that the unshown
one, is far bigger (about 300kb 
compared to 5kb)...

I hope, someone could help me...
Thanx in advance