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mbagepll@memphis.edu mbagepll@memphis.edu
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:17:44 -0500

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Hi Andreas Jung,

I have few questions about using Zope-WebDAV. I am using the Zope 2.4.2 
with Win2K. I have created a web folder for zope on a different 
machine. And I have problems renaming the Zope folders via. WebDAV. I 
am curious to know...

 1. How do Zope-WebDAV work together?
 2. Using client web folder can I rename the Zope folders (I could not 
 do this. I tried to, but it gave me an error message saying, "unable 
 to rename the folder")?
 3. Can I drag and drop items into a Zope folders via client web folder?
 (I could not do even this.The error it gives me is,"cannot copy the 
 item into the specified folder").
 4. How do i edit the dtml documents via. WebDAV?

Please let me know if this is a bug or if I have to configure something 
else to make it work.

Madhavi Bagepalli

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