[Zope] How to Use Javascript returns in DTML tags

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@mitretek.org
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:15:29 -0400

[Scheck, Herman]

> I am trying to simply use the return (rfqNumber) from a Javascript script
> a variable in a DTML tag (see code below).  I've also tried placing the
> Javascript code in-line to the DTML, as well as trying to encapsulating
> script in a DTML method.  None of this seems to work.  Yes, I am fairly
> to DTML (and Zope, for that matter).  I have seen articles on how to pass
> arguments from DTML to Javascript functions, but not on how to use
> Javascript returns in DTML.  Can anyone point, push, or drag me in the
> direction?

It sounds like you think that the browser client can talk to Zope.  No, it
cannot.  The Zope DTML is constructed before the javascript is executed in
the browser, and there is no way for Zope to know about such execution.

The only way you can send information from the browser to Zope is by
submitting a form and having Zope act on the contents of the form.  You
could use javascript to compute values and store them in fields in a form,
but you have to submit it before Zope can learn about it.



Tom P