[Zope] Very strange access permission problem in 2.4.1

UloPe@gmx.de UloPe@gmx.de
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:44:49 -0000


i just stumbled about a very strange behaviour in zope 2.4.1.

First the known facts:

i have some dtml-methods in a folder and one external script in 
another. At some time they stopped working when called through 
another dtml-methods or from an python-script. Exactly i got an "You 
are Unauthorized to access 'xyz'". Of course im perfectly authorized 
as i'm the manager and the calling methods had 'manager' proxy role.

I solved the problem by deleting and recreating the methods.

Now my assumptions:
1) It possibly is related to a problem with versions:
  If you create a version and do some changes in it and then save the 
changes *before* leaving the version, very strange things happen... 
the version seems to be saved, but there are still locked items that 
are said to be locked in that version. pressing save does bring 
up "There is no unsaved work in this version."

So with some undo tricks i got the version work back, but perhaps the 
problems descibed above have arisen from this.

2) It also could be a problem with mySqlUserFolder i have version 
0.6.2 running...

My Config:
mySqlUserFolder 0.6.2
(some other products that doesn't matter)
Zope 2.4.1 source release
Python 2.1.1 source release
Cobalt (RedHat) Linux 7.0

Perhaps someone also experienced this ...

Cu Ulrich