[Zope] Images and Acquisition

sebas ICK sebas@ick-kupplungen.de
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:44:20 +0200

> Another newbie question - kinda following on from the earlier posts
> regarding images (although I guess it has more to do with acquisition).
> Folder Structure
> /
> /Images
>     image1
> /Folder1
>     index_html
> In the index_html in Folder1, how do I show image1 from the Images folder

There are two possible ways, first, the "zope-way"

<dtml-with Images>
    <dtml-var image1>

This calls the object image1, and includes the Image-folder when searching
Second, the html-way:

<img src="../Images/image1" alt="foo">

The second one does not user acquisition though.