AW: AW: [Zope] Do All Classes Have Default Current Objects? REQUE ST.AUTHENTICATED_USER.getUserName()

Krone, Armin
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:13:08 +0200


><dtml-var expr="_.SecurityGetUser().getUserName()">
>You can retrieve the currently logged in user with the SecurityGetUser

In Python I had no success with this because the import of AutenticatedUser
is by Zopes security blocked.

>However, i was not able to use this function from within a pythonscript.
>I am sure somebody else can do that, i am interested in the solution, so if
>you have one...

This works:
user = container.REQUEST.AUTHENTICATED_USER.getUserName()

I had a mistake some lines below but I do not see much logging in my
browser. (DTML-Method calls Python-Script)

Regards Armin