[Zope] dictionary of dictionaries syntaxis

Pablo Ziliani pablo@decode.com.ar
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 19:50:27 -0300

Hi, people!

I am trying to build a method that returns some key:value pairs for a given
string (actually, the id of a property in a propertysheet).

My first try was to build a dictionary, which is new for me, but the
publisher returned a syntaxis problem, so i could't even save the method to
test it. Unfortunately, there was no hint on where exactly inside the
<dtml-let ...> the bug was.

here is the code:

<dtml-let PropertieS="{
 'Foto_ppal':{'Name':'Foto Principal','Description':'Foto principal del
 'publicidad':{'Name':'Publicidad','Description':'Publicidades ubicadas bajo
el contenido principal de la p&aacute;gina'}

  <dtml-if "PropertieS.has_key(property)">
    <dtml-return "PropertieS[property]">
    <dtml-return "{'Name':property,'Description':property}">


So, is this a reasonable way for gaining "extra fields" for "property"
Anyway, if this where fine, how can I then access the values for the
resulting 'Name' and 'Description' keys?

Thanks in advance,