[Zope] Running multiple versions of Zope?

earth_to_zope@space.com earth_to_zope@space.com
25 Oct 2001 10:56:49 -0700

Is it possible/good-idea to run 2 different versions of Zope on the same server (using 2 different ports)?

I have a Zope-1.10 application running on a RedHat 7.1 server installation (using ZHTTPserver listening to port 9673). It installed it's own Python (1.5.1, I think). The RedHat 7.1 installed 1.5.2.

Can I install the current version of Zope and have it listen on a different port (and *I assume* using the system's 1.5.2 Python)?

Also, where does Python v2.x fit into Zope?

I'd like to start the process of rebuilding this old 1.10 application (that was dropped in my lap) using the current version of Zope and possibly (as someone suggested earlier) using MySQL instead of ZTables for the database info.

Thanks for any replies.


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