[Zope] Stand-alone dedicated client for Windows?

Frederic Faure ffaure@bigfoot.com
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:00:12 +0200


I browsed through the archives of this list, but it didn't return any hits. 
I understand two projects are under way called Zope Fat Client and gnope 
(GNOME Zope client), and I tried Amos Latteier's example Python client last 
night, which doesn't work: "TypeError: wxWindow_GetParent() takes exactly 1 
argument (2 given)"). Besides, it'd be hell deploying Python + wxPython + a 
Python-based Zope client.

After going through tutorials of Frontier/Radio and The Zope Book, it looks 
like Zope is the open-source alternative to Frontier. Problem is, I think 
non-techies would work with a Zope-based intranet a lot more if there were 
a dedicated client for Windows instead of having to use HTML forms. Is 
there such a thing available?

Also, what are alternative DBMS-based content managements systems that I 
should know about?