[Zope] Re: Threading, dtml and performance?!

Paul Zwarts paz@oratrix.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:53:22 +0200

AFAIK, such a beast does not exist where you can stop a transaction from
pressing a browsers stop button. Web is stateless, so a stop button on a
browser cannot be connected to the servers understanding of finish the
request or don't. 

Zope threading process is a mysterious thing to me as well, but keep in
mind that ITS threading is separate from SQL threading, so the speed I'm
sure depends on how your system is setup. I personally prefer to use all
SQL with Zope, and just put up with slower creation. The SQL calls are
at least fully threaded, seeming to take much of the work of Zope
allowing for other requests. 

But if tis test that slows down Zope to a crawl (on my dual-proc linux
box its very tolerable) makes you uncomfortable, then check out ZEO...
I'm doing the same now on Chris McD's advice.

Paul Zwarts

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Well I've tested your script with an old backup of Zope 2.3.2 on an Win
SP 5 machiene. There are no problems. The script runs in one window and
in the
other I can surf the management screen. My Solaris can't do that.

On Solaris and on NT I could see your second problem. When I press
cancel on
the Browser the process/thread doesn't stop. Thats really a problem. I
started your script twice and the machiene (NT) is nearly not usable
anymore. But
thats better than Solaris - there I can't start the process twice!

For me I've prooven that there is something VERY WEIRD with the Solaris
Zope. OK it might not be Zope but Python. As for me I need an answer /
desperately! Any ideas anybody? My primary guess is, that Solaris
relese the threads after using them. I've tried a threaded Python script
on my
Solaris machiene and that had no problems. But I must confess I have no
clue on
how Zope Threading works. Therefore my test doesn't proove anything

By the way...it also shows how fast Zope really is because if I run
"singlethreaded" and Zope can still serve a few thousand requests a day
thats really
not bad.

Oliver Erlewein

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