[Zope] Platform statistics

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:43:15 +0000

* Jeffrey Robinson <Jeffrey.Robinson@MCICoach.com> [011030 14:48]:
> The administrator's main contention is that it is open source, unsupported
> and my attempt to lock them into a unix-centric platform; something that
> will work fine under "unix" but Windows is an after-thought.  (On could take
> this basically as a predetermined approach to Zope/open source by said
> admin).

Sorry, I don't have any stats, but we've had it running without any
problems in our dev environments, and always test our apps on both
platforms before delivering them: this is because we actively sell
Zope to our clients as a cross-platform solution!  How many app server
platforms allow you to deploy your software across such a wide range
of hardware / OS, simply by copying it off a CD?

Also, it sounds to me like your problems come from PCGI, rather than