[Zope] Platform statistics

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 08:39:13 -0800

> The administrator's main contention is that it is open source, unsupported
> and my attempt to lock them into a unix-centric platform; something that
> will work fine under "unix" but Windows is an after-thought.

Lol :)

Seriously though the Windows version of Zope sometimes does lack a little.
PCGI is just a horrible hideous solution that I threw out after playing
around with it and just ran Zope on another port.

I was looking around for a solution to this and what we really need is an
ISAPI filter that does proxying. In a similar manner to the one for BeaLogic
server, http://www.weblogic.com/docs51/admindocs/isapi.html this just
proxies everything off to Zope. Of course this takes time to develop and
no-one I know of so far has worked on it.

Heres an off the wall solution, use ASP to call Zope.
http://www.wc.cc.va.us/dtod/zope/ Not a great idea for a high performance
site... In the end I just used Apache on Windows or ZServer straight.

  Andy McKay.