[Zope] Platform statistics

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:56:54 +0100

Jeffrey Robinson wrote:
> > Also, it sounds to me like your problems come from PCGI, rather than
> > Zope?
> > 
> 	Yes, infact I'm pretty sure you've hit the nail on the head with the
> last point.  (Personally, I've been in love with Zope shortly after I
> started plugging away at it).

PCGI is terrible, especially on NT, I suspect. I've been using a Zope
setup behind Apache on NT, and regularly PCGI wrappers went haywire,
were unkillable even by administrator, causing me to have to reboot
the entire NT machine just to restart a Zope (because otherwise I'd
get hanging PCGI wrappers). I suspect PCGI is much cleaner on a Unix
box, though I've been using fastcgi there with Apache and this works
fine and it seems to be efficient.

Is there a fastcgi solution for IIS?

Hm, apparently not: www.fastcgi.com says:

Netscape/iPlanet & Microsoft - Fast Engines had FastCGI  server extensions
to Microsoft's IIS and Netscape's Enterprise Servers, but they are no longer

Okay, my knowledge has run out. :)

> 	My unfortunate position is that I'm the Graphic Designer so I can't
> actually do the work on IIS myself (though I do get to run amuck with
> Zope)... so I need to find definitive documentation on the IIS setup
> (step-for-step) for the admin to use.  There was some sort've
> misconfiguration going on as calling Zope through IIS would launch
> pcgi_wrapper.exe which would then hog the CPU.  These processes couldn't be
> killed, so the server had to be rebooted.

Hm, hadn't read this yet; yes, that sounds exactly like my problem with
Apache on NT. Seems like it's not Apache but really PCGI wrappers
that are the culprit. So I just blame NT. :)

Note that a Zope restart seems to trigger this kind of problem, in 
my experience..