[Zope] Keeping a Variable's Value: This SHOULD Be Easy

Behrens Matt - Grand Rapids Matt.Behrens@Kohler.Com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:55:09 -0500

Ben Ocean wrote:

> OOPS! Correction...
> ...but apparently it's not. If I were writing this in PHP:
> <html><body>
> Okay, boys and girls! Let's open the magic box and generate a random 
> number! (applause)<br and drum roll>
> <? x = int mt_rand(0,9); echo x ?><br, strike up the band>
> Wow! Wasn't that exciting? Oh no! I forgot the magic number<br, shrieks 
> of horror>
> <? echo x ?><br, strike up the band again> Oh, of course! How could I 
> forget!<br, fade to black>
> </body></html>
> ...but apparently DTML *does* forget. Call that daggone variable more 
> than once and you have to run the formula that generates a random digit! 
> Bam! Variable's gone. Is there no way around this?
> Please help...
> BenO

You forgot to wrap your code in <dtml-let pointless_sarcasm="no">.  HTH.

Seriously, dtml-let is your ticket; do the assignment in the opening tag 
and it will be accessible to everything inside the block.  If dtml-let 
doesn't fit your code, do <dtml-var expr="REQUEST.set('name', value)">.

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