[Zope] CMF Newbie Presentation and Viewlet Info

Schmidt, Allen J. aschmidt@nv.cc.va.us
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 08:04:50 -0500

Great job! The only problems I see are that you recorded the Viewlet at too
high a screen res...as limiting as it is, it should be at 640x480....or at
800x600....since there is now way to change the window sizing. And, you
should speed it up a bit and reduce the distance of mouse movement. This
really slows things down.

About Viewlets....

I use Viewlets all the time for many things. Has been a powerful tool in my

Since it's a freeware tool, EVERY aspect of Zope and the products that are
created should have a Viewlet tutorial to show setup and/or usage and the
product actually in use. And since created Viewlets can be uploaded, stored
and accessed for free, by anyone, it would be another great promotion tool
for Zope. And since most folks relate to visually presented material, it
would certainly help to see how a product is being used in a real situation
instead of just writing about it.

Go get ViewletBuilder2 and make your own Viewlets at www.Qarbon.com -- Fun
to do also! Windows, Linux, Unix and soon Mac for development - playback on
just about ANY browser. And the parts to run the created Viewlets work great
inside of Zope for presentation. 
(Just to be clear...I have no relation to them...I just enjoy using it and
have done so for 2 years now.)


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I just created the betaversion of my CMF Newbie Presentation show. You can 
view it at

Please tell me what you think about it.

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