[Zope] Help using ClassSecurityInfo...

Paolo Galati paolo@noze.it
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 16:14:25 +0200

Hi , i have a problem using ClassSecurityInfo in my python
product for CMF.

In my product i use the sintax below:

class my_class(Implicit, Persistent, RoleManager, Item):
  meta_type =3D 'my_type'
  security =3D ClassSecurityInfo()
  security.setPermissionDefault('my permission', ('role1, 'role2'))


when i first instance the product the permission specified in
setPermissionDefault are not set at all.

There is another method to map default permission to roles,
using RoleManager i can use manage_permission to do the job
but i like to know why the setPermissionDefault method not
set default roles

can anyone help me ?

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