[Zope] call zope methods from the operating system

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 21:11:42 +0200

horst wald writes:
 > >>can I call Zope
 > >>methods from the operating system (e.g. MySQLDA) without a loopback?
 > >You can with "XML-RPC" or "ZPublisher.Client" or "httplib.HTTP"...
 > I would call httplib or urllib a loopback (if you use it like
 > urllib.urlopen('http://localhost:8080/mymethod?arg=val').read()
 > )
 > But that would be really slow, wouldn't it?
 > Could you give me an example for "XML-RPC" or "ZPublisher.Client" ?
When you call "httplib" or "urllib" loopbacks, then
"XML-RPC" and "ZPublisher.Client" are loopbacks as well
(both use HTTP as transport).

If you do not want this loose coupling, you may need something
like JPE (Java Python Environment) but for your components.

Expect lots of work!